Little Faces Childcare Center is a full service Daycare that believes healthy development of children and youth and will implement early learning best practices while supporting parent’s overall objectives.

The facility located at 426 West Gay Street in the 5500 square foot facility at the Cornerstone Christian Fellowship. Little Faces is the only Daycare in the surrounding area that offers a huge gymnasium for inside play activities for all ages.

Little Faces is an equal opportunity care provider and employer.


Little faces will offer a balance of activities in a safe and secure environment that will assist and expand a child’s development according to individual pace and abilities. Specific educational programming and play activities have been developed for each age group. Refer to insert pages for each category by age group. There are five areas of programs, which include the following:

  • Infants (6-weeks- 12-months)
  • Toddler (1-2 years old)
  • Toddler (2-3 years old)
  • Pre-School (3 years old)
  • Pre- Kindergarten(4 years old)
  • Before and After-School Programs

A nutritious breakfast, lunch, and two snacks, are provided on a daily basis. We encourage access to parents within the program for real-time observation of each classroom and Gym area. Children will also have access to television screening within the classroom for educational, theory, and learning practices. Our teachers will offer a computer station in our pre-school classroom to enhance early learning. Our Gymnasium area is uniquely situated to provide a variety of indoor activities.

Summer Programs

Little Faces, in addition to daycare services, will provide school age children from ages 5-10 years old with a variety of enjoyable indoor and outdoor activities that will include field trips, sports, games, arts & crafts, and special guests. Our friendly and nurturing staff will consistently provide at all times a safe, secure, professional, and healthy learning environment.

Educational Philosophy

Little Faces will provide an atmosphere where social, emotional, physical, and intellectual skills are creatively nurtured. We will provide safe and secure Daycare for working families who want to encourage their children’s development in a setting that honors diversity and respects individual growth.

At Little Faces, we believe that “children learn through play” so we will endeavor to provide an environment where children will acquire the fundamental skills to learn which shall include:

  • How to get along with others
  • Build self-esteem
  • Developing a “can do” attitude
  • Value Fair Play
  • Developing motor and decision-making skills


Tonya Walls has an undergraduate degree in Sociology, was formerly a teacher at the Nazarene Christian School, a residential counselor at the Devereux Kanner Center, worked in In Home Services as a General Protective Services Caseworker for Chester County Children, Youth and Families and since 2006, she has worked as a Quality Assurance Manager working with at risk youth.

Arlen Curtis LaRue, who has an undergraduate degree in Criminal Justice and a Masters Degree in Human Services, was formerly with the Public Defenders Office where he assisted youth and their families as an administrative supervisor and representative of the Philadelphia Family Court. Since 2005, he was the Chief Administrator of a shelter for at risk youth, responsible for the welfare and development of 120 children.

Little Faces Day Care - West Chester

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